Major leaders in the Hospitality industry are embarking in a digital revolution by redefining their guest's experience.  More precisely, they are providing in room tablets allowing guests to enhance the quality of their stay by ordering room service, TV & climate controls, smart guest messaging, housekeeping requests, digital concierge, and much more.   However, these in room tablets usually come with a small built in stand or none which means you end up holding the device in your hands most of the time.  

Since our stands make handy travel assistants, why not integrate FLEXTAND into you and your guest’s hotel stays.  From phones and tablets on the nightstand, hotel desk, bath vanity and more, our stands ensure a stress-free and relaxing stay. If you decide to get some work done from your laptop but the hotel desk is too low, our Patent Pending Flexible Goose neck allows you to adjust the height and angle to your preferences.  Even if you've embarked in a leisure trip, never be disconnected from important emails or messages. You can take our stands near the poolside or the beach to read that e-book while you tan.  Overall, FLEXTAND gives you much more freedom to do more tasks in less time than you could ever imagine before while travelling.

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