Significantly increase your productivity while working in the office.  Position your phone, tablet and laptop at the optimal position to improve your posture and comfort throughout the day.

Use multiple FLEXTANDs and leverage the power of ergonomics to multitask at the highest level without compromising your comfort.  Rather than stopping your workflow with every text message and notification, simply glance at your phone or tablet uninterrupted before deciding what to do next. 

Giving a corporate presentation from your laptop or tablet but there's no podium or table available? No worries, our various stands have you covered with sitting and standing models. Got some work travel planned but you need to take your FLEXTAND with you? This is an easy task since you can quickly assemble and disassemble our stands and put them inside our stylish FLEXTOTE carrying cases for easy travel.  The latest trends are to work standing up for better blood flow and energy and our stands accommodate all device sizes and positions.  Since there are so many office uses, we suggest you browse through our collections to find the optimal stand for your application.

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